Services Offered

Traditional Services

Infusion Center Therapy for:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Chron’s
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Vasculitis.

Bone density testingĀ 

Who needs a bone density test? Every single woman once she starts having irregular periods.

This test is painless, noninvasive, and takes only about 10 minutes. If you make an appointment to see me after the test you will find out your results immediately. We can then tailor your treatment, if any is needed, to your personal and individual needs.


    1. Leyla,

      Yes I do! Please call the office for an appointment @ 979-774-7896. I look forward to seeing you.

      Dr. Nancy Scheinost

  1. Hi Dr. Scheinost! I am so happy to have found you. I am bringing my wife to see you in mid July. She was recently diagnosed with Sjogrens and the doctors we brought her to see just wanted to give her chemicals to treat her symptoms, one of them meant to supress her immune system!!? We prefer to discover the root of the problem and try to get her back in good health naturally, which is why we are coming to see you! Have read your Philosophy, your Food Rules book recommendation, and your great smoothie recipes, and when we saw your Functional and Other services offered we got excited. My wife and I are looking forward to meeting you! Scott

  2. Do you treat Sjogren’s Syndrome? I have recently undergone a lip biopsy to confirm the diagnosis and would like a way to treat the disease and not just all the symptoms. I feel that you could help me with so many other issues I’m experiencing.
    I have recently seen an Endocrinologist, Rheumatologist, Dermatologist, ENT, Dry Eye Specialist and soon a Cardiologist. I take so many Rx’s and Supplements and none of them see to help, except the Pilocarpine. I would love to have one Dr. who can help with all of my issues. You are a little ways away but I will make a special trip. Thank you so much.

  3. I am 39 and have been diagnosed with Dupuytren’s Contracture. I have a lot of pain in my hands, and my strength is fading rather quickly. This seemed to happen over night. I’m in a decent amount of pain and am wondering if you treat patients with DC. Thank you

    1. It depends. If your finger is “stuck”, your need to see an orthopedic surgeon right away. If it still has fairly good range of motion, I can help. Hope this helps.

      Dr. Nancy Scheinost

  4. Almost 2 years ago I found out I had a dexa scan found out I had severe osteoporosis. I started looking a labs and investigating to see if maybe I had a parathyroid tumor, which I did. I had it removed in February of 2013. In December of 2013 I got sick and had a strange incident happen with my ears and they put me on high does of prednisone. I had hemmoragic fluid in my ears. My ears improved but never back to normal. Then in August I went to dermatologists and she did a biopsy and determined I had scarring alopecia so she put me on clobetasol. My sugar levels had never been high until all of the steroids. Now they are pre diabetic high. My endocrinologist has put me on Forteo as of 2 days ago as my osteoporosis has not improved. Do you think you can help me? I am tired of all that has gone wrong and I think a lot of it is connected somehow. Thanks Carolyn Perez

  5. Hi Dr. Scheinost…. I was a patient of yours several years ago. I’m writing to ask if you can help me… I am experiencing fatigue and believe I have gluten and food sensitivities. I was tested for celiac, but results were negative. Thank you!

    1. Yes I can help you, but you need to see me on The Functional medicine side of the practice. Please call and the girls will get you an appointment!

  6. I have a daughter with Hasimoto thyroid (on med for it), also being treated for high blood pressure for several years now. (Over weight at this point) and has recently be put on diabetic meds. Would you be able help reverse and help her get off these meds? She is only in her mid forties

    1. Mary, I apologize for it taking so long for me to respond. I would be happy to try and help your daughter. Please call the office for an appointment.

  7. I have lupus. Would I call for a functional medicine appointment or a regular appointment? I am trying to stay healthy without all the medicines. Do I need to ask for a bone density test on the same appt. date due to the fact I am several hours away from you?

    1. A regular appointment. We will determine at your 1st appointment if it is medically necessary to do a bone density test and go from there.

    1. Yes I do treat connective tissue disorders. I do not see patients for this disorder however because there is no specific treatment for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. What I would advise to do is to stay as toned and flexible as possible. I am so sorry there is not more to offer.

  8. Hi There, Do you work with people from a distance, perhaps after an initial meeting and evaluation? I want to work with someone who has experience with IFM and there are none local to me. I am a RN with a MS in nutrition and am working on my nurse coach certification collaboration with IFM and INCA

    I was diagnosed with “lupus related autoimmune disorder” many years ago and and have managed it through lifestyle but it is flaring.

    Thank you

  9. I’m having hand numbness in the morning and 3rd-4t toe on left foot. Do you use Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen?

  10. hello! do you treat severe fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and severe chronic migraine/tension headaches?

    1. I would suggest Dr. Patricia Salvatore. She specializes in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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